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St. Joseph’s Health Care Implements GT eForms to Improve and Automate Leader Self-Service

By December 27, 2019July 26th, 2022No Comments

LONDON, ON – Earlier this year, St. Joseph’s Health Care London (“St. Joseph’s”) in London, Ontario, launched their new Leader Self-Service solution, featuring GT eForms™ and ePAF.

Built with GT eForms for PeopleSoft, the Leader Self-Service solution has delivered online capability for St. Joseph’s executives, directors, and managers to review employment information about their direct and indirect employees and initiate a wide variety of actions including hires, job changes, position changes, terminations, requests for leaves, etc. The solution has (1) enabled Leaders to initiate and approve employee transactions electronically, (2) eliminated paper-based forms, (3) improved overall efficiency and (4) increased process transparency. Gideon Taylor also worked with St. Joseph’s to assess and redesign business processes in order to optimize manager self-service processes prior to kicking-off the eForms automation effort.

St. Joseph’s selection of Gideon Taylor and GT eForms was based in large part on the flexibility to create a custom PeopleSoft-based solution specifically tailored to St. Joseph’s unique business requirements and the ability to deliver a guided user experience that was intuitive, dynamic, and user-friendly. Prior to the eForms solution, paper and PDF forms were used for HR transactions and employee changes. The forms were submitted to HR, reviewed and updated by several HR employees, and then manually keyed in to the PeopleSoft system. Over the years, attempts had been made to automate various transactions/changes but still resulted in duplication of effort and manual intervention.

After going live in April 2019, over 1,500 eForms have been initiated and processed to-date, saving valuable time and effort.  Processing times have decreased by more than 35% and filing of paperwork has been reduced by 80% helping the human resources department move closer to its goal of a paperless environment.

Stacey Weir, Director of Human Resources at St. Joseph’s, has been impressed with the results. “The feedback we’ve received from our Leaders has been overwhelmingly positive. As with any change of this magnitude, there’s a bit of ‘settling-in’ time, but they’ve seen the benefits of the solution this year and we’re already identifying other processes for eForms automation,” commented Weir. “Not only did our Leaders experience a change for the positive, our internal human resources team experienced significant improvements to internal HR business processes, reduction of duplicate manual data entry, and significant reduction in errors and follow up time. The logic built into the forms ensures the forms are correct before they arrive in HR. Very little follow up is required.”