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SPPS Simplifies Mileage Reimbursements with PeopleSoft eForms

By March 27, 2020July 26th, 2022No Comments

ST. PAUL, MN – Congratulations to St. Paul Public Schools for their new self-service eForms for mileage reimbursement. SPPS created two new electronic forms using GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft to streamline mileage reimbursements for employees traveling to multiple job sites throughout the month. Together, the new Mileage Profile and Mileage Report forms provide an intuitive, workflow-enabled, online solution that simplifies and automates what had been a cumbersome manual process.

The first form, Mileage Profile, allows employees to identify standard values to appear on the Mileage Report, such as their usual Starting Location, the budget codes to charge the mileage to, and the Manager/Principle and Budget Administrator that needs to approve the Mileage Report. The second form, Mileage Report, allows employees to enter trips taken during a specified month to request reimbursement.

Using Component Interface, the Mileage Report form automatically update a custom component that tracks Employee ID, Company, Expense Type, relevant Budget Codes, and the amount for the line item. When payroll is run, a custom process picks up those line items automatically and adds them to payroll. Voila!