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Gideon Taylor Optimizes BYU’s Managed Services Experience

Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah is no stranger to the challenges and opportunities that come with growth. With almost 35,000 undergraduate students enrolled representing over 100 different countries and a large and complex worldwide outreach, BYU has made innovation one of the pillars of its institutional mission.

Recently, leaders in BYU’s IT (Information Technology) Administration Department began planning a transition of two of their PeopleSoft environments (Finance and Human Resources) to Workday. This complicated process would include reassigning 12 experienced full-time employees away from PeopleSoft administration. Understandably, this pending transition caused some concern within department leadership. Also, rather than adding twelve new team members to replace those being reassigned, BYU wanted to reduce staffing and resources for their PeopleSoft environments without a decrease in quality control and transparency. They approached Gideon Taylor, a leader in PeopleSoft Managed Services, to discuss a possible partnership and shared the following list of questions and concerns:

  1. Did Gideon Taylor have the expertise in-house to provide what BYU was asking for?
  2. How would communication be handled? Who would manage it and make sure nothing is lost? Also, who would make sure resources are properly allocated?
  3. What were the security risks associated with off-site management by non-BYU staff and how would security be handled?

To learn more about how Gideon Taylor (including Newbury Enterprise Services team members) have helped optimize BYU’s PeopleSoft experience, visit us here.

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