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Intelligent Automation

It’s time to boost the IQ of your enterprise systems. They’re capable of a lot more than you might think.
If you’re ready to maximize productivity and efficiency, let’s explore how you can achieve hyper-automation throughout your enterprise. With today’s tools, the opportunities are endless: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Create dynamic interactions, automate complex processes, and proactively analyze and resolve issues before they arise.

Robotic Automation

Business Transformation with Intelligent Automation Solutions

Use Robots as a Digital Workforce that can interact with any system or application your people use. Your bots will have the same skills your people have, and more. They can copy and paste, move data, make calculations, open and move files, read emails, log into your systems, and take action. They can even make decisions.

Humans and machines can collaborate, learning from each other as they work together to get things done. This unified workforce enables process digitization, resulting in more efficient utilization of human – and software – resources.

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Conversational UI – Chatbots

Business Transformation with Intelligent Automation Solutions

Harness Artificial Intelligence to make a great leap in the usability of your systems and the productivity of your users. Chatbots allow for conversational interaction between users, systems, and data, so that help can be provided more easily and work can get done more quickly.

We’ve found that, rather than logging in to browse through a system and look things up, most users, employees, managers, faculty and students, visit an ERP system to complete a specific function. Chatbots bring AI to make tasks “conversational”. That is, users can talk, send a text, ask questions or basically chat with a bot in order to get the information they’re looking for or get tasks done quickly. Newbury can help you deploy a fully configurable chatbot solution that delivers out-of-the-box support for all the complex use-cases your enterprise system requires.

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