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Robotic Process Automation

Achieve hyper-automation within your enterprise. Create dynamic interactions, automate complex processes, proactively analyze and resolve issues before they arise.
Humans and machines can collaborate, learning from each other as they work together to get things done. This unified workforce enables process digitization, resulting in more efficient utilization of human - and software - resources.
Newbury provides the talent and tools to help you unleash the power of your Human Capital.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Business Transformation with Intelligent Automation Solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an expanding technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that simulate human interactions with digital systems such as ERP Solutions.

The latest RPA tools, such as UiPath’s hyperautomation platform, use Artificial Intelligence to automate processes with more complicated rules, or those that may require interpretation of data or intelligence to take effective action. Every company is inundated with work your people don’t find glamorous: collecting and entering data, processing transactions, reconciling records, and more.

Faster and More Consistent

Many tasks, while tedious for people, are critical to your business—and perfect for robots. Robots are great at the mundane, such as reading screens, documents, and emails and they can do them quickly, accurately, and continuously.

Just like people, robots can understand what they see on a screen, click the right buttons, complete the right keystrokes, navigate across multiple systems and perform a wide range of defined actions. But robots often do these things faster and more consistently than people, without the need to take breaks, or get up from their desk to stretch.

How can RPA make a difference?

Are we really going to use Robots for everything?

In this era of digital transformation, business operations teams are manually performing a vast majority of their processes, affecting overall productivity and employee motivation. At the same time, it’s estimated that at least 50% of these tasks could be automated.

It starts with Newbury’s Operational Impact Assessment where we discover critical activities that can be automated to help reinvent the way your organization completes tasks and gets work done. The outcome is a clear definition of the opportunity to improve, the work required, and the potential ROI of automating elements of your operations.

Unleash the power of Human Capital.

The Benefits of RPA

Measuring the Impact: Center of Excellence

Bots take over mundane tasks from your human employees, which improve overall efficiency, flexibility, and organizational responsiveness. RPA is a non-invasive solution that can be implemented rapidly to greatly facilitate and accelerate digital transformation.

Newbury’s Process Automation and Optimization services use RPA to drive efficiency throughout your organization. Our team of experts works with yours to develop an internal Center of Excellence (COE) to demonstrate and implement robotic software to drive efficiency throughout the organization.

Give your people freedom to work

  • Faster
  • More creatively & collaboratively
  • With better accuracy
  • On higher value tasks

With Newbury’s expert team, the COE will facilitate company-wide rollout of automation, enable and support self-service robot development and fully collaborate with IT Operations to achieve maximum benefit of an enterprise automation strategy. A fully automated enterprise makes people’s work more fulfilling, valuable, and strategic.

Most people’s workdays are filled with a lot of repetitive busywork that doesn’t reward them or the company. A fully automated enterprise fixes that by bringing a comprehensive and governed automation program deep into daily operations. When people are freed from repetitive tasks, they can focus on more fulfilling, productive work. That’s better for them, and better for your company, too.

What They’re Saying

Newbury made it really easy for us to learn about RPA and its potential to drive automation within our company. We were able to go from concept to implementation of our first bot in just a few weeks, allowing us to realize immediate benefit. We’ve deployed 10 different bots to date and will continue to pursue an enterprise adoption strategy with Newbury.

Paul BickfordDirector of Enterprise Systems Apex Systems – Richmond, VA

Our first bot parses customer purchase orders and creates the corresponding sales order in our ERP system. Newbury’s experience and assistance to help us work through this challenging use case was instrumental in our success.

Jeanne ImbrognoVP Customer Services AMAG Technology – Hawthorne, CA

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