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Maximize Oracle Cloud Applications

Newbury's expertise will ensure the implementation of Oracle Cloud Applications and ongoing management of your business's full experience of the SAAS solutions, including Oracle Cloud ERP, Cloud HCM, and Cloud SCM, will help fuel Digital Transformation within your enterprise.

Re-Imagine your digital transformation

The line between business process operations and advanced technology is finer now than ever. Business stakeholders and leaders across all sectors are working closely with IT leaders and CIO’s to address the most pressing challenges:

  • Modernize HCM and ERP operations to improve user interactions
  • Streamline and automate processes
  • Integrate enterprise systems and maximize data analytics
  • Use technology to improve how their employees work, collaborate, and experience satisfaction in their roles

Moving core enterprise systems to Oracle’s Cloud SaaS solutions helps leaders achieve goals, optimize operations, and adopt transformational technology. All resulting in exceptional savings over maintaining ERP systems in on-premise solutions.

Leverage Today’s Technology

Do your employees have the right tools in hand to achieve success?

For our customers that plan to implement Oracle Cloud Applications, Newbury’s Cloud Services offerings accelerate the migration efforts and optimize the ongoing management of business operations in the Cloud.

Not only do we help customers transition from legacy systems to Oracle Cloud Applications, we also ensure that the return on the investment will be maximized by assisting with the transformation of internal operations.

Harness the power of your enterprise systems in an increasingly complex technology landscape.

Take advantage of Newbury’s Cloud Services

Newbury’s services address the key challenges our customers encounter with implementation, integration, running, and managing Oracle Cloud Applications.


Reduce the overall cost, complexity, risks related to the implementation of your Oracle Cloud Applications.


Leverage technology to bring all business operations together efficiently with a dynamic, scalable solution.


Ensure seamless support, management, and compliance across the enterprise.


Run your business at a lower cost with Oracle Cloud Applications with Newbury’s Cloud Services and deep expertise.

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We can help you transition smoothly from legacy solutions to Oracle Cloud Applications and maximize the value of your investment.