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PeopleSoft. Keep Current.

Over the past 20 years, Newbury has worked with hundreds of customers getting their PeopleSoft systems tailored and working the way they need them to work. Upgrades. New Modules. New Features. Keep Current. We're always working to expand value and reduce the cost of PeopleSoft ownership.

Get Current. Stay Current. Always

To get the most out of PeopleSoft, minimizing the cost of ownership while maximizing its value to the business, Newbury’s PeopleSoft Keep Current Services are designed to help you manage your PeopleSoft systems in a radically different way than you’ve done previously. Rapid adoption of new functionality and innovative technology is critical to ensuring your PeopleSoft investment helps your company achieve a fully mature, optimized state of operations.

Leverage Today’s Technology

Every quarter, Oracle releases a new PeopleSoft 9.2 image that adds new functionality and fixes defects. Every 18 months, there’s a new PeopleTools release delivering technology advances for your PeopleSoft applications.

With Newbury’s Keep Current Services, we help you make the most informed decisions for your business. Together we will evaluate, prototype, and implement the latest PeopleSoft features that meet your current and future business needs.

Create a PeopleSoft Center of Excellence

Newbury’s PeopleSoft Center of Excellence (COE) services help our clients set up a governance model for their PeopleSoft applications, PeopleTools, and technology infrastructure that best fits the organization’s needs. Every time Oracle releases new PeopleSoft functionality and technology enhancements, the COE will review new features, assess the impact, identify the value, and define an adoption roadmap that will ensure the entire organization will benefit your Keep Current PeopleSoft system.

Benefits of a PeopleSoft Center of Excellence within your Org:

Maximum Efficiency of our joint resources

Provision Latest / Greatest PeopleSoft features to your users

Reduce operation costs by eliminating inefficient practices

Adopt new technologies and build new skills more rapidly

Your PeopleSoft system will be always be Keep Current and will be a critical element on your path to Digital Transformation