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Your PeopleSoft

Know What’s Here

Newbury Enterprise will host every PeopleSoft Image release in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for your team to gain timely insight into new features, functionality, and bug fixes. Working with Newbury’s PeopleSoft Center of Excellence service, your users will have immediate access to a full view of the latest features, along with our expert methods to help prioritize and adopt the features, functionality, and fixes that will bring the most value to your current business operations.

Migration Readiness

PeopleSoft has been Cloud-ready for years. Are you there yet, or are you still running the entire infrastructure in your own datacenter? Newbury has a full suite of Move PeopleSoft services to help you take full advantage of everything the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has to offer for your PeopleSoft operations.

Before you begin your move, Newbury’s Cloud Migration Readiness assessment will help your team understand the Business Impact, Cost, Value and ROI of operating your PeopleSoft infrastructure in the Cloud.

Using our proven Impact Assessment Methodology, our Cloud Solutions team will help you:

1. Build the Business Case

Assess and document the drivers, opportunities, benefits, and business challenges of a Cloud Migration

2. Operational Impact

Identify the current operations that can be Replaced, Automated, Optimized

3. Define a Plan

Develop a roadmap and timeline to execute a transition to the Cloud

4. Proof of Concept & ROI

Perform a prototypical implementation of a PeopleSoft system in the Cloud to see the impact and benefits of such a move, and define the Success Criteria and ROI Metrics of a full PeopleSoft Migration

PeopleSoft Systems as a Service

Take full advantage of the opportunity to have Newbury move your FIN | HCM | Campus Solutions operations to a complete PeopleSoft Systems as a Service (PS-SaaS) implementation.

Our Full-Suite Managed Services and PeopleSoft Keep Current Services, working together with your team and stakeholders in the PeopleSoft Center of Excellence, will ensure that your organization has a complete SaaS implementation of your PeopleSoft system (with your Data, Customizations, and Security – Intact!)


Your organization will have full access to Newbury’s Optimized Experience services


Together we will evaluate, prototype, and implement the latest PeopleSoft features according to your business priorities


Newbury’s Cloud Solutions team will manage the complete infrastructure stack for each of your PeopleSoft environments, DMO, DEV, TST, PRD, leveraging our Automated Testing tools and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation services

Security as a Service

We will always make sure your PeopleTools and applications infrastructure are up to date and fully patched, focused on mitigating security risks


Newbury’s Cloud Solutions team will work with your internal operational experts to ensure that your users’ issues are quickly resolved and eliminated through triage, assessment, and resolution

Improve your PeopleSoft TCO with Newbury’s PS-SaaS Offerings

Newbury’s Cloud Solutions team will assist yours by taking over the huge, everyday burden of maintaining and managing your PeopleSoft system. We focus on Continuous Improvement and Process Optimization and your business will see great ROI and measured results.


Newbury manages your cost and spend during the lifetime of our joint efforts, allowing your business to focus on ROI


We are committed to providing service enhancements, leveraging SLA metrics and root cause assessments, increasing efficiency, productivity, and end-user satisfaction


With our Process Optimization expertise, we achieve a balance between current system operations and the adoption of new technology and functionality within your business

Our Cloud team specializes in managing your PeopleSoft systems to effectively transform your ability to adopt the latest, greatest enhancements by leveraging a lean, automated, next-generation approach. Working together in the PeopleSoft Center of Excellence, we will learn how to drive down your costs, deliver improved quality of service, and bring innovation to your IT and Business operations.

We’re ready to support your PeopleSoft experience from the start. Give us a call!