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Process Optimization

Simply automating a business process doesn’t always mean it becomes optimally efficient, or even more efficient at all.

Accomplishing the goal of revolutionary change requires that we go beyond merely applying technology. We recognize that doing automation projects isn’t enough; to be of value to our clients, we need to produce the efficiencies that stakeholders have been promised by their ERP systems.

With our parent company, Gideon Taylor, Newbury has established a unique focus on optimization projects: targeting each customer’s unique business processes for radical gains in efficiency and effectiveness. We focus all of our experience, resources, and effort on pushing our project outcomes up the spectrum to optimal efficiency.

Anything less would leave part of the payoff for your investment unrealized. That includes investing in understanding the vision and values of your organization, and targeting your objectives as if they were our own.

Before embarking on an automation effort, we focus on the business process itself to determine if there are ways to make it better, faster, easier. Improvements to the root process mean the automation effort is easier, faster, and less costly.

We believe in challenging the ‘but-we’ve-always-done-it-this-way’ perception by asking the right questions, identifying ways in which a business process itself can be improved before defining an approach to automation.

  • Assess the existing processes for maturity, completeness, and continuity.
  • Identify pain points and opportunities for improvement; particularly in areas where tasks are tedious, repetitive, high-volume, easily automated, prone to error, or rated low in customer service indicators.
  • Analyze areas where user experience is counterintuitive, lengthy, overly difficult, or has a high rate of failure to reach completion.

Working with our team, you will be able to leverage operational best practices, innovative technology expertise as well as all delivered ERP enhancements to ensure your Business and IT Operations achieve a fully Mature, Optimized level​.

  • Decrease customizations by adjusting business processes to match delivered functionality. In areas where business process cannot be altered, we have solutions that both meet the need and do not require invasive customizations.
  • Evaluate each process to determine if automation is an acceptable solution versus the need for a solution to be mapped that is not technology dependent.
  • Identify user experiences that can be improved, streamlined, and made more efficient.
  • Take advantage of additional technologies and tools to deliver better results.

By employing unique, process-driven methodologies and mindful design, we go beyond merely applying technology. We help you review, redesign and re-invigorate business processes, radically improving HOW you do WHAT you do – more easily, more effectively, more efficiently.

Strategic Assessment

Business Transformation with Intelligent Automation