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Strategic Assessment

Make decisions with confidence, backed by the alignment of your People, Processes, and Technologies.
Your outcomes are your own, and each business we partner with is a new journey. We want to be a part of your positive change. Start with Newbury’s Strategic Assessment!

Envision Systems that can Deliver More

Newbury’s strategic assessment services deliver actionable results and help you unleash the power of your Human Capital.

Rather than assuming all clients and processes are the same and employing a cookie cutter approach, we use innovative methodologies to collect data and insights into how your business operates, what drives priorities, how to maximize productivity and improve efficiency.

Here’s an overview of how the Strategic Assessment begins:


Engaging with your team to clearly understand what’s being done, how, when, and by who. Documenting what works, what doesn’t work and identify what’s missing.


Patterns, classifications, outliers…your data can tell us a lot about how your
processes work today.


Dive into your unique requirements, reviewing targeted processes from end-to-end to uncover opportunities for improvement.

Define a Strategy that Works

Whether it’s reviewing the full breadth of a particular PeopleSoft application suite, diving into the weeds of a specific module, or creatively exploring ways to incorporate optimized and automated solutions, we can help you envision a system that delivers more functionality, a richer user experience, higher efficiency, and a greater return.

We believe in challenging the ‘but-we’ve-always-done-it-this-way’ perception by asking the right questions, identifying ways in which a business process itself can be improved before defining an approach to automation.

By employing unique, process-driven methodologies and mindful design, we go beyond merely applying technology. We help you review, redesign and re invigorate business processes, radically improving HOW you do WHAT you do – more easily, more effectively, more efficiently.

We can help you transform a process, a system, or your entire enterprise.