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Eight Great Ways to Navigate PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft continues to innovate with user interface functionality that is intuitive and efficient. Hosted by Newbury Enterprise Services, this demonstration walks through a variety of methods across PeopleSoft HCM to navigate with the best strategic tools and functionality, including Chatbots, Elastic Search, Kibana, GT eForms, Simplified Analytics, Pivot Grids, Notifications & Alerts, Activity Guides, Related Actions, Homepages & Dashboards, and WorkCenters.

Chatbots for Everyone!

This mini-session provides a quick introduction to the world of PeopleSoft chatbots.

When to Use Robots vs. PeopleTools

Robotic Process Automation provides rapid means for organizations to automate manual processes. This mini-session discusses strategies for when to automate using PeopleTools versus when to build a “bot”.