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Newbury Enterprise Partners

To provide our customers the highest quality solutions and services, Newbury partners with global technology leaders. Our market-leading expertise in each of our partners’ technologies allows us to tailor solutions that help customers define a roadmap to success.

We partner with some of the best.


Newbury partners with the Oracle team to deliver enterprise solutions that help customers get the most out of PeopleSoft, minimizing the cost of ownership while maximizing its value to the business. Our track record and depth of experience with Oracle spans over 15 years.

Newbury’s deep-seated expertise has allowed us to deliver customer success across the entire PeopleSoft application suite. Upgrades. New Modules. New Features. Always working to expand value and reduce the cost of PeopleSoft ownership.


Always working to expand value and reduce the cost of PeopleSoft ownership.

Cloud Managed Services

Bring the most value to your current business operations.

Talent on Demand

Always changing, more modules, new features, more value.


UiPath is the number 1 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform enabling businesses to automate manual processes using bots and AI. Continually named as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, it’s easy to see why UiPath is the first choice to help customers maximize productivity and efficiency, achieving hyper-automation throughout the enterprise.

With Newbury’s Intelligent Automation solutions and UiPath’s market-leading RPA platform, our customers are able to implement robots as a Digital Workforce that can interact with any system or application your people use.

Robotic Process Automation

Create dynamic interactions, automate complex processes, proactively analyze and resolve issues before they arise.


Newbury Enterprise is PaymentWorks’ go-to partner in the Oracle/PeopleSoft market, helping customers eliminate the risk of business payments fraud, reduce cost, and ensure regulatory compliance by automating the complex payee management process. 

The PaymentWorks Business Identity Platform ensures compliance and mitigates risk by automating the collection and verification of payee identity credentials.

Fraud. It’s time to stop it. We know how.